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Reverse double half hitch knot Diamond pattern available now on my YouTube channel! 🥳
How to reinforce a lark's head knot.
If you don't want your lark's head knots loosening up while you are making your first row of knots, then you need to learn how to do these two variations. It'll take you a moment longer to do, but worth the time and also it looks prettier! If you want to learn more about macrame, click on the link to go to my blog where I have tons of tutorials!
Macrame Weave Pattern Tutorial
Learn how to make a macrame pattern that gives a woven look. This is so easy to do and is such a beautiful look that would look great in a macrame wall hanging, or as a macrame pillow, or other macrame home decor. Click for the full length youtube tutorial.
Wave Knot Macrame Tutorial
Use this macrame wave knot in macrame wall hangings and macrame plant hangers. It's actually not as difficult as it looks. For other knot tutorials click the link.