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an ice sculpture in the shape of a castle with snowflakes and frozen animals
two christmas trees made out of legos are on display in front of a white wall
Christmas trees
the tower is made out of plastic blocks
a plastic tray that has some beads on it
a pink beaded animal with blue eyes
Bügelperlen-Vorlage: Katze
a circular object made out of plastic beads on a white plate with a pink circle around it
an image of a colorful butterfly made out of perler beads on a white background
two fish made out of legos sitting on top of a white plate with red, yellow and blue beads
Perles Hama : Poissons - Les loisirs de Pat
a beaded tree with red flowers is shown on a plastic tray in the shape of a hexagonal object
a white plate topped with lots of colorful beads next to a vase filled with flowers
four pieces of perler bead art on a wooden surface