Garden Design Ideas And Layouts

If your house has even the smallest yard, know that some people living in apartments would kill for it. Int he spirit of enjoying what you have, how about discovering new ideas on how to make the best out of your landscape?
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a yard with flowers and a wheelbarrow on the grass, in front of a house
10 Super Creative Ways to Hide Your House Foundation
Looking for innovative ways to enhance your home's curb appeal and hide your foundation? Look no further than these 10 creative ideas! These techniques will help you create an eye-catching landscape that will be the envy of the neighborhood. So why wait? Start planning your next outdoor project today!
a garden with lots of plants growing in it and the words vegetable gardening 6 small vegetable garden layout plans
6 Small Vegetable Garden Layout Plans
Don't you have enough space to grow your own food? Fret not! You can still experience the joy of harvesting with careful crop selections & planting techniques. This guide will show you how to make the most of your tiny plot and grow delicious vegetables. Learn about compact cultivars, succession planting, and using supporting structures to maximize your yield.
water feature ideas for your garden
6 Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden
Transform your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat with these creative water feature ideas. From soothing fountains to mesmerizing waterfalls, you'll find inspiration to suit every style and budget. Imagine relaxing by the calming sound of flowing water, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant blooms of your home garden. Water features also attract birds and beneficial insects. You'll be amazed by the transformative power of water! Get inspired and start planning your own garden oasis today.
a white picket fence with pink roses growing on it and the words types of fencing and design ideas
Types of Fencing And Design Ideas
Transform your backyard into a private oasis with the perfect fencing! Get to know the various types of fencing options available and find the one that fits your style and needs. From wooden privacy fences to metal decorative options, there's something for everyone.
purple flowers with green leaves and the words 7 ways to design a garden with hydrangeas
7 Ways to Design a Garden With Hydrangeas
If you're looking for a way to add some color and life to your outdoor space, look no further than hydrangeas! These beautiful blooms come in a variety of shapes and colors, making them versatile enough for any style garden. Read on for seven creative ideas on how to use hydrangeas in your landscaping!
a garden with many plants growing in it and the words 8 amazing keyhole garden ideas
8 Amazing Keyhole Garden Ideas
Keyhole gardening is a perfect solution if you'd like to have a garden but live in an area with poor soil, dry weather, or limited outdoor space. Keyhole gardens are round raised beds built around a central compost basket. A small entryway gives the bed its keyhole shape and provides convenient access.
pink tulips in a vase on a fence with the words 9 super easy diy garden fence ideas
9 Super Easy DIY Garden Fence Ideas
Garden fencing is both functional and beautiful, with plenty of options you can build yourself. These do-it-yourself fences make protecting your garden accessible to all no matter the budget and most importantly, fun! Take a look at these easy DIY garden fences for design ideas!
the 7 best evergreens for containers are shown in this brochure, which shows different types of trees and shrubs
7 Best Evergreens for Containers
Think you don't have enough space to grow evergreen plants? WRONG. Every green is great, but why not go one step further and discover which ones make the best container plants? Here are the best evergreens to grow in a pot so you can enjoy their vibrant foliage all year long--no matter how small your garden is!
the 7 beautiful perennial plant combinations that you can grow in your yard or garden area
7 Beautiful Perennial Plant Combinations
Determining which perennials work together and whether they tolerate shade or full sun, are all considerations that set you up for success! Consider these perennial duos in your next garden design!
colorful flowers with the words 7 beautiful perennial plant combinations in green and white text overlay
7 Beautiful Perennial Plant Combinations
Designing your garden is the first step in setting you up for a successful growing season. One such thing to consider is companion planting! Companion planting is a true art form, incorporating beauty and growing preferences to make stunning garden displays. Better yet pick perennials so their blooms will come back year after year!
the garden is filled with plants, rocks and other things to make it look like they are
5 DIY Fairy Garden Ideas For Your Backyard
These five DIY fairy gardens are the perfect choices for your backyard. They utilize the hardscaping of your backyard and bring out the mysterious, yet playful woodland creatures.
four different types of tulips for your spring garden
7 Types of Tulips for Your Spring Garden
Planning on planting a garden this spring? Make sure to include some tulips! Check out these different types of tulips and find the perfect one for your space. From vibrant red tulips to cheerful yellow tulips, there's a variety of colors and styles to choose from. So get ready to bring some springtime cheer into your yard with these beautiful blooms!
a plant in a cup with the title 13 plants that repel flies on it
13 Plants That Repel Flies
Flies come only second to mosquitoes on the annoyance scale in our household, and are number one in what I most want to eradicate since they can spread germs (and not to mention are obnoxious). There are many plants that are touted as repelling the worst of our biting and buzzing insects, and below I’m going to provide you a healthy list that will help aide in keeping flies away. #mosquito #flies #repellent #plants #bugs
there are many vegetables growing in the soil with text overlay that says everything you need to know about companion planting
Everything You Need to Know About Companion Planting
Gardening is a wonderful hobby and can be very therapeutic for those who deal with stress and anxiety. It’s also a great way to control your own produce, herbs, and flowers without dealing with store bought ones. But you can’t just throw any two or more specimens together in the same garden bed or planter. Some things don’t work well together, while others thrive on one another. Check out this article for more info before you start planting! #Gardening #Planting #Garden