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Learn how to water you garden, to protect your plants in the winter, how to grow healthy and beautiful plants, and many other garden-related tips and tricks.
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someone is holding seeds in their hand and there are plants growing out of the ground
5 Vegetable Seeds To Direct Sow in August
Don't wait any longer; take full advantage of August's prime climate conditions for successful gardening endeavors.
an apple cider vinegar repel pests in your garden and how to use it
Does Apple Cider Vinegar Repel Pests in Your Garden?
Apple cider vinegar is a common household staple that helps combat a lot more than odors and stains! Besides killing bacteria and promoting weight loss, its strong and pungent odor can repel insects and critters such as ants, rodents, and snails from your garden. Here's a nifty guide to learning how to use it in your garden!
someone is picking flowers from a plant in the garden with text that reads should you pinch off your tomato plant flowers?
Should You Pinch Off Your Tomato Plant Flowers?
Make sure to watch out for any flowers that appear on your tomato plants early in the season and pinch them right away!
someone holding corn in their garden with the title how to grow corn in your home garden
How to Grow Corn in Your Home Garden
Make your summer snacks even more delicious with homemade corn. From soil preparation to care, learn how to grow delicious corn in your home garden!
hands picking cucumbers from a plant in a garden with the title how to harvest cucumbers
How to Harvest Cucumbers
Unsure when your cucs are ready for harvest? Find the top tips for when and how to harvest cucumbers, plus tips for storage and extending the season.
tomatoes growing in pots with the title 11 tips for growing cherry tomatoes in pots
11 Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Pots
Do you like growing and eating cherry tomatoes but have limited space? Grow them in pots in a sunny spot, and enjoy eating these tasty treats!
how to use baking soda on zucchini plants
How to Use Baking Soda on Zucchini Plants
If diseases, pests, or weeds have taken over your zucchini plants, it might be time to pull out the baking soda!
blue flowers with the words 5 flower seeds you can sow in summer
5 Flower Seeds You Can Sow in Summer
Make the most of summer and find out what five kinds of flower seeds you can sow to enjoy autumn blooms or a beautiful garden next year!
someone is watering flowers in their garden with the words why you should sprinkle baking soda around your flower beds
Why You Should Sprinkle Baking Soda Around Your Flower Beds
Transform your flower beds with baking soda! Discover how this readily available household ingredient can enhance your gardening routine.
a leafy plant with the words how to use epsom salt to kill aphilds
How to Use Epsom Salt to Kill Aphids
Get rid of aphids in your garden naturally! Learn how to use Epsom salt to keep pests away and create a healthy environment for all your plants.
how to fertilize lettuce with epsom salt
How to Fertilize Lettuce With Epsom Salt
Discover the simple steps and benefits of using Epsom salt as a natural fertilizer for your lettuce plants. Say yes to a healthy lettuce crop!
a person using a hose to water grass with the words how to use baby shampoo to make your lawn thriving
How to Use Baby Shampoo to Make Your Lawn Thrive
Try this surprisingly cost-effective solution to keep your lawn thriving. Learn how baby shampoo can be the key to your greenest grass yet!
Discover nature's guardians actively combating soil erosion! Explore a collection of plants that not only fight erosion but also foster biodiversity. Nature, Fern Images, Landscaping With Roses, Soil Erosion, Creeping Phlox, Growing Grass, Short Plants
15 Plants That Fight Soil Erosion
Discover nature's guardians actively combating soil erosion! Explore a collection of plants that not only fight erosion but also foster biodiversity.
plastic containers filled with plants and dirt in the middle of a garden area, with text overlay saying 9 ways to use plastic containers in your garden
9 Ways To Use Plastic Containers in Your Garden
Don't toss those plastic containers! Here are brilliant ways to upcycle them in your garden all while reducing plastic waste for sustainable living!
the best time to plant your hydrangeas
The Best Time to Plant Your Hydrangeas
Discover the best time of year to plant your hydrangeas and get ready for a beautiful outdoor living space that blooms!