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an african woman with white dots on her face and two bananas hanging from her head
Untitled African woman (Ethiopian Omo tribe?) by Dutch photographer Mario Gerth (1/2 of the photography team abgefaren2). via abgefahren2004 on flickr
black and white photograph of a woman standing in tall grass wearing a cowboy hat with her hands behind her head
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
#boho - #bohemian - ☮k☮
a collage of photos with a woman's face and various things in the background
Brown Eyed Woman..
two people doing acrobatic tricks in the middle of a dance pose together
Partner yoga~truly amazing
a woman with long hair and no shirt standing in front of the sun holding her hands up to her head
ᖗᕱᖘ A FINE HIGH LONESOME MADNESS ᖗᕱᖘ hippie soul
kate is always amazing Beauty, Models, Persona, Style Icons, Style Icon, Miss Moss
Novella Royale
kate is always amazing
an old fashion photo of a woman in a dress
Side Step, 1920s >
a woman wearing a black veil and holding a cat in her lap with the caption,
Just a woman's eyes can be as captivating as seeing the entire face!
an old woman holding a basket in her hands
Crush Cul de Sac
an african woman wearing jewelry and headdress
Young Afar woman, Bati, Ethiopia. | © Robert Caputo.
black and white photograph of a young boy with eye makeup on his face, looking at the camera
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Handmade African Baskets, Gifts & African Decor
Ethiopian beauty