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an image of a man with a goatee on his head and the caption soap = mactavisish, j
❥|| John MacTavish
two pictures of a man with headphones on
neil ellice
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John "soap" mactavish mw3
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John "soap" mactavish mw3
two wanted id cards are taped to the side of a paper with an image of a man's face on it
☆ || johnny "soap" mactavish
☆ || johnny "soap" mactavish
a man in a white shirt with a scottish flag behind him
Jesus soap mactavish
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a man with his face painted to look like he is looking at something in the distance
a man with headphones is smiling for the camera
Neil ellice
a man with a goatee stares at the camera while standing next to a bird