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three pink flowers hanging from a branch on a white wall with red beads and string
Pink Poms Mobile
Pink Poms Mobile by osnat.ganor, via Flickr
several rainbows painted on the wall with paint buckets in front of them and one being used as a canvas
paintings : dan mccarthy
colorful paper leaves are hanging on the wall
Artist interview: Alli Stocco
Artist interview: Alli Stocco
multicolored pom - poms hanging from strings against a white wall,
mixie mix co
a person holding up a blue and white painting with leaves on it's face
"Australian Flora" Cyanotype Prints Series by Masha Lamzina
several different shades of fabric hanging from hooks on a wall with polka dot material in various colors
Pèlerinage.... - fikOu miKou
DIY Egg Carton Mushrooms
DIY Egg Carton Bouquet
someone is painting flowers on paper with watercolors
Watercolor love
a woman wearing a t - shirt with all you need is love written on it
All You Need Is Love
cute applique tee...I could see doing this with old shirts or leftover fabric! Always thinking of how I can repurpose. :)
a multicolored crocheted dishcloth is displayed on a white table top
Let’s Weave Again – Revisiting the Potholder Loom
I’ve been upgrading things around the house lately and new potholders were in order so I decided to bring my potholder loom out of retirement. While I like the idea of an oven mitt, loom-wove…
three boxes are sitting on a fur rug and decorated with decorative items like pinwheels
DIY God's Eyes - Honestly WTF
Remember those simple little diamond shaped yarn weavings we all made at summer camp with just two popsicle sticks and a some colorful yarn? Who knew that god’s eyes, which originated from Mexico’s Huichol Indians, can be so beautifully…
children's artwork is displayed on a table with scissors and other paper art pieces
Afternoon creative: painting and collages
colorful paper fans are arranged on a table with watercolors and crayons
Watercolor Paper Pinwheels - Art Bar
paper pinwheels made to be painted as a birthday party craft
several paper flowers hanging from a tree
Circus Wedding Inspirations by Moira Events
Paper Flowers. In bright colors this could go with a fun Mexican theme. . .
a piece of cardboard with some white dots on it next to a cutting board and ruler
DIY: Three Fabric Printing Techniques, Rolling Pin Included : Remodelista
several hearts are arranged in different colors and shapes on paper with the words careful box hearts written below them
Cardboard Hearts from Cereal Boxes
make these sweet heart cards from cereal boxes and acrylic paints
a child is playing with pom poms on the table
Pom-Pom "Pujaki"
DIY pom-pom chandelier
a vase filled with pink and yellow flowers on top of a white cloth covered table
Pom-Pom Paper Flowers
handmade flowers with crepe paper and pom-poms
some colorful birds sitting on top of each other
yarn wrapped birds
four different types of letters made out of strips of yarn and paper with flowers on them
Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters
Cardboard letters wrapped with yarn made by kids.
an image of some art work that is being made with colored rubbers and stamping
Oh, qué chulada! …
a close up of a weaving machine with yarn
Getting out of a Creative Block | The Weaving Loom
How to doodle weave