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two people standing on rocks in front of a waterfall with water cascading over them
Travel Tips and Ideas for a Croatia Vacation
KRKA NATIONAL PARK Dalmatia, Croatia standing in the sunlight beneath one of Skradinski Buk’s 17 different cascades, letting the water pound down on your shoulders in what is nature’s own massage?
the beach is clear and blue with people walking on it in front of an old castle
Pieces of paradise
Dubrovnik, Croatia
a woman is standing in an open doorway looking at the water and buildings behind her
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In the gate, Trogir, Croatia.
an aerial view of a large building with a red ribbon on it's side
Arena, Pula, Croatia tie (kravata) is originaly from croatia
a man kneeling down on top of a field covered in green grass and white sheets
linen - finished and washed then bleached in the sun
many people are swimming in the water near waterfalls and trees, while one person is sitting on his knees
Swimmers at Krka
an old castle sits on top of a hill
Veliki Tabor castle, #Croatia, photo by tobotras, Veliki Tabor is a fortress and museum in northwest Croatia, dating from the 12th century. The castle gained its final appearance in the 16th century.
an aerial view of a castle with boats in the water
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Original Diocletian Palace Split
a bronze statue of a woman with a crown on top of it's head
Helen of Zadar (Croatian: Jelena) (died 8 October 976), also known as Helen the Glorious, was the queen consort of the Kingdom of Croatia, as the wife of King Michael Krešimir II, from 946 to 969, a period which was allegedly marked by "peace, order and expeditious growth". She became the queen dowager of Croatia after her husband and reigned until her death. Queen Helen was "revered by her subjects" and "most adored for her charity". (Bust of Queen Helen, Solin, artists's impression)
two people in a small boat on the water near a rock formation with blue light coming from it
Svakodnevna destinacija stotine turista: Srebrno-plavi odsjaj Modre špilje oduzima dah
Modra špilja, Biševo