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an old rusted out truck sitting in the woods
an aerial view of a building with water in it
Secret Garden, Mari
Secret Garden, Mari K on ArtStation at
a man standing in the back of a garage next to a blue and yellow fence
Dam Easy Flood Barrier - Flood Gate
an old drawing of a farm with animals and people in the field next to it
Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon...: Photo
Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon...
an architectural drawing of a house with its roof and floor plans, including the main areas
a diagram of the roman house with all its rooms labeled in it's center
Cost of Living (in Ancient Rome)
an old drawing of a roman arena with people in it
Eastern European Style Fortification (Grod)
an old book with instructions on how to use a pole for roofing and other things
Building with Native Materials, WWII Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 33, September 9, 1943 (Lone Sentry)
[Figures 2-9: Building with Native Materials]
the concept art for disney's beauty and the beast is shown in two different views
ArtStation - Dwarf Cottage, Kean Wai Yuen | DND in 2018 | Pinterest | Fantasy, Fantasy art and Fantasy map
an artist's rendering of a futuristic city in the middle of a body of water