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four pieces of art glass sitting on top of a white table next to green leaves
Polymer Clay ‘Vintage Brocade’
three pendants are shown in the palm of someone's hand
POLYMER CLAY Technique with Translucent Layers. Terrific Glass Effect
a book cover with an image of flowers and leaves on the front, in bright colors
Polymer Clay Tutorial of the Month: Faux Batik
two hands holding blue and white pieces of glass
How to make Frozen window look in polymer clay- super easy tutorial
Frozen window look in polymer clay
a person holding some kind of rock in their hand with text overlaying it
Faux fire opals - Milky Opal, Boulder (Matrix) Opal, Mexican Fire Opal - 301
an image of purple flowers with green leaves in french language and instructions for how to draw them
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Альбом – Google+
an image of flowers with leaves on the front and back of each flower, in russian
Идеи на тему «Бумажные цветочные ремесла» (600) в 2021 г AB1
an image of polymer clay fall necklaces with leaves and seashells on them
Polymer Clay Bails
Мастер-класс ✿ Кулон "Кружевная лава" ✿ Tutorial ✿ Pendant "Lava lace" ENG SUB - YouTube
five different types of glass beads on a white surface
Project!!! How to Make Segmented Fish From Polymer Clay
...Make It With Me: Project!!! How to Make Segmented Fish From Polymer Clay
Upcycling, Hot Glue Earrings, Embossing Metal, The Frugal Crafter, Kitchen Foil, Pewter Earrings, Faux Metal, Pewter Jewelry
Faux Metal Mania! {got cardboard?}
two pieces of art that are sitting on a table together, one is shaped like a heart and the other has an intricate design
Information on Paints
Information on Paints | synssculpeyblog