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two lemons on a plate with yellow paint
several plates with designs on them and a lemon sitting in the middle one is empty
a hand is holding a plate with a tomato on it that says,'tomorrow '
Pomodoro Handmade Ceramic Plate, Hand Painted Cool Wall Plate, Unique Serving Plate, Cute Plate
four plates with different designs on them sitting on a counter top next to each other
ceramics - LRNCE
several plates with oranges and lemons on them are arranged in a grid pattern
many colorful plates are arranged on a green background
Decorative plates pattern by Nk arts
orange and white striped plates with lemons on them are arranged in a pattern that makes it look like they have been painted
Orange Stripe Ceramic Plate
New from Gemma Orkin, a limited run of vibrant and colourful ceramic plates, all hand made and hand painted in her Cape Town studio. In this fresh selection, Gemma's distinctive style involves the use of stripes and block work, resulting in eye catching and unique pieces. Each plate is handcrafted with care and attenti