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two hands holding a yellow and white object in the shape of a banana on top of another person's head
Kid friendly banana-inspired hanger design by ROUSEED ™ and Minje Park
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a small red object sitting on top of a white box
For Text bookmark by Jaewon Choi
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a yellow piece of luggage sitting on top of a green leaf next to an image of sushi
Sushi inspired suitcases by Yujeong Shin
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a hand is picking up white cotton balls from a glass container on a white background
Snowy, a cloud-shaped sugar cube by Younghyun Kim and js C
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three small flags sticking out of the top of a sculpture
BKID co's candle design is inspired by ski slopes slope.jpg
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a wooden stool sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white door
This friendly lamp by Sticky Monster Lab is designed to perch on a ledge
an old fashioned gameboy sitting on top of a white table next to another device
WooJin Shin, Nahyun Kwon, JiHoon Park, and Seungmin Hong and Seungmin Hong designed a calendar that doubles as a retro gaming console
two legos are shown with different parts on them, one is white and the other is yellow
Clickbrick, a customizable DIY mouse made with Lego by Eojin Jeon, Dohee Kim, Subin Kim and HyoRyung Choi
a lamp that is sitting on top of a stand with a light in the middle
SOOT | Floor lamp
SOOT floor lamp by Mikhail Chernikov
a lego yellow box with four oranges in it
Chengtao Yi 易承桃
From Chengtao Yi's conceptual object series Solid-State Poems
a painting of a bicycle parked in front of a house with trees and bushes around it
Vuon stories (garden stories)
Garden illustration by Vuon Illustration (Rong Pham and Vinh Nguyen)
an abstract photograph of green and white shapes
THE MOUNTAINS 群山-行政院模範公務人員頒獎典禮獎座
Lamp inspired by the mountains of Taiwan by Ta-Chung Liu and Bank of Culture
two books are stacked on top of each other in front of a gray wall and white table
Dam[담] Bookend
Architectural book ends by Jeongchun Lee (by SPRING Studio)