Continuity is the reference to ground, shapes, or objects that are perceived as similar or perceived as one. Continuity is a Gestalt concept that refers to the visual tendency to create continuous figures. Continuity is most commonly (though not exclusively) exhibited in the perception of lines and refers to the tendency to "carry the line forward." More specifically, there is the tendency to continue smooth figures forward over abrupt changes in direction.
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a long line of concrete blocks sitting on top of a body of water under a cloudy sky
Top 10 Black and White Long Exposure Photographers | MONOVISIONS - Black & White Photography Magazine
Top 10 Black and White Long Exposure Photographers | MONOVISIONS
a very tall white building sitting on top of a lush green field under a blue sky
Gerry Judah ha creado JACOB’S LADDER para un Parque de Esculturas de Nueva Zelanda
Revista en línea independiente dedicada al diseño, arquitectura y arte, ofrece novedades en interiorismo, tecnología y tips.
a sculpture made out of rocks sitting on top of a stone slab
40 idées et + de décorations à réaliser avec de simples pierres
an image of a very long hallway with lights
A56 - Mayakovskaya Metro Station - Moscow slides/IMG_1918M.jpg
Estación de metro Mayakovskaya - Moscú
two people are standing in front of a circular pattern on the wall with their hands together
Berenice Abbott’s Stunning Vintage Black-and-White Photographs of Scientific Phenomena
black and white photograph of person standing on top of stairs in an office building, looking up at the ceiling
Standing Elements
Vogelvluchtperspectief: Als je vanaf een hoog punt kijkt, ligt de horizon hoog.
an intricately designed metal plate with many designs on it's surface, in blue and orange hues
Stock Photos, Stock Photography | Buy Images on Depositphotos
a circular mirror mounted to the side of a wall with blue and silver balls hanging from it
Sky gaze circle • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson
Sky gaze circle • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson
a white spiral staircase in an art gallery
Modern Staircases Like You've Never Seen • Furniture Fashion
This luxurious looking staircase would be lovely for any unique and modern home