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a bathroom sink with soap and lotion on it in front of two black plates
Casa Cook öppnar familjevänlig filial på Kreta | Residence Magazine
two bags hanging from hooks on a wall next to a shelf with bottles and soaps
Snabbfix vid tvättstället gör susen för vardagen - Badrumsdrömmar
an image of some products that are on the counter in front of a phone screen
a white bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a wall mounted soap dispenser
11 snyggaste inredningstrenderna | Elsa Billgren
Här kommer 11 snygga grejer man kan ha i sitt hem, göra om eller inspireras av helt i linje med vad som är hett just nu. Inte för att sånt spelar någon roll, men eftersom inredningstrenderna...
a bathroom with black walls and white tile flooring, wooden cabinet in the corner
Mama crush
Our small bathroom, Anna Malmberg
an image of a concrete surface that looks like it could be used as a background
Klinker Konradssons Retro It Grigio Grå Nat 30x30 cm
Konradssons Retro IT Grigio Grå Nat Rect 59,5x59,5 cm
the curtain is closed and ready for someone to use it as a shower curtain rod
an image of some products that are on the counter in front of a phone screen
I mitt badrum just nu
silver tray
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower in it's stall area next to a bathtub
Svankärrsvägen 25
Svankärrsvägen 25, Uppsala
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a wooden shelf filled with bottles
Inspiration för badrummet (Made in Persbo)
I Lantliv 9/2017 hade Anna och jag med ett inspirationsjobbfrån Lina Johanssons härliga badrum utanför Hjo.Vi stylade och fyllde badrummet med härligaprodukter som gör stunderna där extra njutbaraoch
the shower head is mounted on the wall next to the shelf with soap and toothbrushes
5 fina exempel på badrum med inredning i trä
Att få plats med mycket på en begränsad yta är inte alltid det lättaste. Speciellt inte i ett litet badrum med snedtak. Marits badrum har många smarta lösningar att inspireras utav.
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and wooden flooring in front of the door
Expert Advice: Tips for a Softly Moody Bedroom with London Stylist Twig Hutchinson - Remodelista
Using black may seem counterintuitive when trying to strike a romantic note, but Hutchinson says it’s essential, for balance. “I’m a great believer in always having something black in a room,” she says. “Especially if you are using more feminine colors it just helps to ground it all and stop it looking too pretty. It creates a contrast.” She painted a few pieces black throughout the room, including the mirror (a market find) and the stool by the bed, and opted for black door hardware.
a white toilet sitting next to a sink in a bathroom under a light above it
4:a Östermalm, 111 kvm - Bostadsrättsspecialisten
a bathroom sink sitting under two hanging lights
Semesterboenden & Condo-hyror - Airbnb