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the road of the roman tour by road or rail from newcastle on tyne poster print
Hadrians Wall, The Road of the Roman, Vintage Railway Poster
a lone tree in the middle of a grassy field under a cloudy sky on a hill
The Sycamore Tree by Hadrian's Wall (Northumberland side) but better known as the Robin Hood Tree. Think it might have been Susan Dobson who painted/printed it... lovely!
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Cheryl Warren - Paintings for Sale
From Hadrian's Wall in Winter by Cheryl Warren | Artfinder
an oil painting of a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset, with clouds in the sky
Dawn over Castle Nick and Crag Lough, Hadrians Wall, 36 x 36, oil on canvas
a watercolor painting of sheep standing on a brick wall with trees and buildings in the background
David Holliday - Paintings for Sale
David Holliday WATERCOLOR Hadrian's Wall
a painting of a tree in the snow
Lindsey Thompson Art
Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland
a painting of a landscape with hills and clouds
Hadrians Wall April 2010 : MJ Forster
watercolor painting of mountains and trees on paper
Hadrian's Wall Country. 07/02/12
Hadrian's Wall Country. 07/02/12
an abstract painting of mountains with clouds in the sky and grass growing on the ground
Hadrian's Wall
a snow covered mountain with a small hill in the distance
Faculty at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University
Hadrian's Wall - Dividing England and Scotland, the wall was designed by the British to keep out the supposed barbarians of the North.
there is a stone wall in the foreground with hills in the backgroud
Hadrian's Wall
an aerial view of a snow covered landscape
Molly S on Twitter
Hadrians Wall
a large stone block with a horse and rider carved into it's back end
Hadrian's Wall Path - Hexham
Hadrian's Wall Path - Hexham - 1st century AD memorial to a 25 year old Roman standardbearer - within Hexham Abbey.
a white board with some writing on it and pictures in the bottom right hand corner
Location #1: Hadrian's Wall
an old stone wall in the middle of a grassy field next to a large hill
Hadrian's Wall dig unearths Roman refugee camp
Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. A dig near here led to the new discovery. Photograph: Oliver Benn/Getty Images
the ruins are made out of rocks and have been placed in rows on top of each other
Hadrian's Wall, England
the ruins are surrounded by grass and trees
Vindolanda was a Roman auxiliary fort just south of Hadrian's Wall in northern England. Located near the modern village of Bardon Mill, it guarded the Stanegate, the Roman road from the River Tyne to the Solway Firth. It is noted for the Vindolanda tablets, among the most important finds of military and private correspondence (written on wooden tablets) found anywhere in the Roman Empire.
an aerial view of a castle with people on the roof and in the background there are trees
Hadrian's Wall Mile Castle (Roman)
a stone wall in the middle of a grassy field
Milecastle 42,Hadrians Wall in December
Milecastle 42,Hadrians Wall, Northumberland
an oil painting of a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset, with clouds in the sky
Return to Hadrians Wall
Peter Wileman: Return to Hadrians Wall #painting
an old building with columns and arches
Hadrian’s Gate Archives - GloHoliday
Hadrian's Gate - Antalya, Turkey. Love history, love architecture! Gotta go here someday!
a stone wall in the middle of a grassy field under a cloudy sky with dark clouds
Final Light - Hadrians Wall
Hadrians Wall by Housesteads. England.
an old stone wall on the side of a hill
Tyne - In Pictures - David Webb's Beautiful Northumbria
An alternative view of Sycamore Gap along Hadrians Wall
two people standing on top of a grass covered field next to a stone structure with moss growing on it
Birdoswald Fort, Hadrian's Wall, occupied by Roman auxiliaries from approximately AD 112 to AD 400. via English Heritage
an aerial view of a green field and stone wall in the foreground with dark clouds overhead
Caw Gap, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland
Hadrian's Wall (Northumberland, England)
the sun is setting over an ancient city with snow on the ground and rocks in the foreground
Housesteads, Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, UK
an old poster advertising the northumbberland railway in england, with mountains and clouds
Hadrian's Wall, by Jack Merriott. 'Northumb, Merriott, Jack
Hadrian's Wall, by Jack Merriott. 'Northumb by Merriott, Jack at Science and Society Picture Library
a grassy hill with rocks and grass on the side
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall, Northern England
the ruins are surrounded by grass and rocks
Roman ruins, with underfloor heating, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, UK
two people walking down a stone path in the woods on a foggy, overcast day
Hadrian's Wall, England...constructed in 122 AD to mark the northern border of the Roman Empire in Britain, the wall stretched across the width of Great Britain just south of the present day border with Scotland.
the sun shines brightly over an old stone wall and grass field with rocks on either side
Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England
a map showing the route from berlin to cologne
Hadrian's Wall, England ... built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, just slightly south of the current English-Scottish border, after not being able to defeat the northern "barbarians." Today, it remains a symbol of the undefeatable spirit of the Scots. The 84-mile-long Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail parallels the Wall.
an old stone bench sitting in the middle of a field
Vercovicium (Housesteads Roman Fort)
Hadrian's Wall: Vercovicium (Housesteads Roman Fort) : latrines
a path in the woods with rocks and grass on both sides, leading to trees
Hadrian's Wall Walk 1 Circular-Once Brewed - Peel Bothy - Housesteads Fort-Crindledykes-Vindolanda Fort - Northumberland
Hadrian's Wall Walk, here you can walk along a length of the actual Wall, passing through the wood and when you come to the end you are at Housesteads Fort (Vercovicivm) Northumberland, England. Full info about the walk here
a stone wall with moss growing on it in front of a green field and fence
Brunton Turret, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England
a lone tree stands in the middle of a grassy area with steps leading up to it
Northern England
Robin Hood's Tree at the Sycamore Gap at Hadrian's Wall | Darby Sawchuk
a dry stone wall in the middle of nowhere
The Gifts Of Life
Hadrian's Wall. One of the most breathtaking places in the UK.
an old stone wall on the side of a hill
Day 20 16.jpg
Hadrians Wall, Northumberland, England
a stone wall on the side of a hill with grass and rocks in front of it
Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Great Britain
Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, UK... surprises me the amount of people who don't know it
a stone wall in the middle of a field with green grass and rolling hills behind it
Hadrian's Wall Bed and Breakfast Cumbria B&B Accommodation, Gilsland
Hadrian's Wall, Hexham, Northumberland, England
an old castle with tall towers and gates
Celtic Castles
Langley Castle, Hexham, Northumberland
there are many steps that lead up to the building
Night Stairs, St. Andrews Church & Abbey, Hexham, Northumberland
The Night Stairs, Hexham Abbey
an old brick building with two clocks on it's sides and a flag flying in the background
In Hexham
an old wooden door with a bench in front of it
Hexham Abbey UK
an alley way with a clock on the wall and storefronts in the background
Hexham, UK
an old brick building in the middle of a city filled with tall buildings and lots of windows
This Is Northumberland
Hexham UK
the city is surrounded by autumn foliage and trees
an old stone bridge over a river in the middle of a town with lots of houses
the sun shines through an arched window into a building with stone walls and benches
Durham cathedral
Durham Cathedral
a cobblestone street with people walking on the sidewalk and buildings in the background
Durham, County Durham, England~Shopping on cobblestone streets between rainshowers
an old building with hedges in front of it
Bowes Museum, Co Durham
an image of a castle that is in the middle of some water with trees around it
Maptia · Home to a World of Stories
Durham, England. Been here. Spent a few days in Lumley Castle.
there is a boat going down the river in front of an old castle like building
Durham Cathedral, Durham - The Bishopric dates from 995, with the present cathedral being founded in AD 1093. The cathedral is regarded as one of the finest examples of Norman architecture and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with nearby Durham Castle, which faces it across Palace Green.
several row boats are lined up on the water
landscapelifescape: Durham, England boats on the River Wear
an old castle surrounded by trees with fall foliage in the foreground and hills in the background
Mother Nature strikes gold (and yellow and red...): Stunning images capture glorious autumn display
Raby Castle, Co Durham, UK
a car parked in front of a large building with stairs leading up to the entrance
an image of a church in the foggy day with autumn leaves on the ground
don't call me betty
Durham Cathedral, England (by lucyshena)