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there is a vase with flowers on the floor in front of some stairs and a door
Familjen Lignell renoverar huset
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the stairs are decorated with black and white wallpaper, along with a potted plant
vit trappa med trästeg
a white staircase with a potted plant next to it
Yläkerran portaikko
beautiful home, portaikko, portaat, stairs
an old fashioned lamp on the stairs next to a candle holder and other decor items
I Lilla Kamomillas Villa
so much inspiration in this one pic! Love it all from the beadboard to the straw horse
the stairs in this house are lined with pictures and magazines, along with a lantern
Millas hem
Tvåfärgad trapp, behåll stegen i träfärg och måla sparklådan & spaljen i samma kulör...
a set of stairs leading up to the second floor
Trapp och hall på Magnegatan - Hemma hos Ankianka
pärlspont,grå trappa,svart trappräcke
there is a vase with flowers on the stairs
Beadboard on the walls ,and weathered blue on the stairs would be awesome too.
candles are lit on the stairs in this white house
Huset har allt vi önskat oss..
Anna Truelsen inredningsstylist: Huset har allt vi önskat oss..
a coat rack with coats hanging on it next to a white door and some stairs
Lilla Lundsbergsvägen 24, Kungsbacka
- Fastighetsförmedlingen för dig som ska byta bostad
a white coat rack with shoes on it and a leopard print scarf hanging from the wall
découvrir l'endroit du décor : DU JAUNE ET DU ROUGE