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the words are written in black and white on a white background, as well as an image
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Anorexia is a Dangerous Thing by on @DeviantArt
Anorexia is a Dangerous Thing by MidnightDreamShadow on DeviantArt
Anorexia is a Dangerous Thing by on @DeviantArt
a woman with makeup smeared all over her face holding a brush to her forehead and looking at the camera
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a spiral notebook covered in black and white doodled writing on top of a wooden table
a piece of lined paper with writing on it that has been written in two different languages
I honestly think every girl who isnt full of themselves feels this way, and for the girls who do, U R BEAUTIFUL
a hand with the words i am his and he is mine in the end it's him and i
“And in the end, it’s him and I” ❤️
an open book with black and white doodles on the cover, in front of a wooden table
a person's hand on top of a notebook with the words don't quit written in it
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