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a black door with a round glass window on the front and side panels, along with a metal handle
Hvilken farge vil du ha på ytterdøren? | Gilje vinduer og dører
Solveig glass
a blue front door with two windows on the side
a white house with steps leading to the front door and potted plants on either side
Function Caspian
a white house with black shutters and potted plants on the front steps next to it
a black door on the side of a white building with steps leading up to it
a black door and some potted plants in front of a white house
Voorliefde voor de natuur - Woonstijl
a black front door with wreaths on it and two suitcases sitting in front
a black door with shutters and a planter on the front porch next to it
a white house with blue windows and a red roof