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Brandon Middleton Real Estate Broker  Personal Branding by Faizan Bhatti 🇵🇰 ✪
Brandon Middleton Real Estate Broker Personal Branding by Faizan Bhatti 🇵🇰 ✪
Margaret Harrington Real Estate Investor Brand Identity Design by Faizan Bhatti 🇵🇰 ✪
Margaret Harrington Real Estate Investor Brand Identity Design
Margaret Harrington Real Estate Investor Brand Identity Design by Faizan Bhatti 🇵🇰 ✪
Terry Brock Personal Branding - Speaker / Coach / Author by Faizan Bhatti 🇵🇰 ✪
Terry Brock Personal Branding - Speaker / Coach / Author by Faizan Bhatti 🇵🇰 ✪
the business card is designed to look like it has been placed on top of a wall
Velma Knowles Branding - Speaker / Coach / Author Brand - Identity Design - Marketing Material
I have designed a logo for Velma Knowles, capturing her energetic and inspiring personality. The logo is clean, modern, and represents her passion for empowering others to unlock their inner value. The design includes a subtle reference to her expertise in membership and marketing consulting. Overall, the logo reflects Velma's dynamic and engaging approach to leadership and communication.
various stationery items including business cards, envelopes and pen on a green and blue background
Infinity Global Solutions eCommerce & Financial Management Brand Identity Design - Stationery Design
Infinity Global Solutions is a leading outsourced accounting firm specializing in eCommerce and online companies. Their expert team provides full-service accounting, finance, and bookkeeping solutions to help businesses streamline their financial operations and focus on growth. Infinity Global Solutions caters to owners of small eCommerce companies who sell products online as well as other companies who do the majority of their business online online, With their in-depth knowledge of the industry and commitment to providing personalized service, Infinity Global Solutions is the go-to partner for businesses looking to take their financial management to the next level.
an array of logos and business cards on a purple background
Pitch Media Video & Marketing Company - PM Logo Design - Brand Identity Design - Stationery Design
PitchMedia is a creative video and marketing company that specializes in the art and science of storytelling Their expert team crafts captivating stories and leverages the latest technology to deliver them to audiences worldwide. The company's focus on blending artistic excellence with scientific innovation sets them apart in the industry. The logo, featuring the initials "P" and "M" with a play button icon, perfectly captures the essence of their brand - a modern, dynamic, and engaging company that delivers exceptional results.
various logos and packaging designs for coffee, including two bags of dark roasting coffee
Whatever Cafe Coffee- Branding - Packaging Design- Coffee restaurant Logo Design by Bhattifaizan
Branding and packaging project for 'Whatever Cafe and Coffee'- A trendy coffeehouse in the heart of the city. The project included creating a unique brand identity that reflected the cafe's ethos and vibe. The logo design was inspired by the concept of "whimsicality" and incorporated playful typography and colors. The packaging design followed the same design language and featured earthy tones and bold graphics The result was a cohesive and memorable brand image that successfully captured the essence of the cafe. As the graphic designer for this project, I utilized my skills in branding, typography, and packaging design to create a distinctive and impactful visual identity for the cafe.
a collage of photos with two women in purple and one has a wax stamp on it
Summer Jelinek - Speaker-Author - Personal Branding - Brand Identity Design - Stationery - Marketing
lam thrilled to collaborate with Summer Jelinek. a dvnamic Kevnote and Virtual Speaker, Workshop Trainer, and Consultant. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she is a seasoned leader with a passion for Recruitment, Training, Employee Development/Motivation, Guest Service, and Revenue Generation. Her expertise in helping organizations control the chaos is truly invaluable. Her branding and marketing strategy reflect her energetic, engaging, and motivational approach. It's an honor to work with such an inspiring individual.
a laptop, phone and tablet are on display in front of a large building with windows
Brandon Middleton - Real Estate Broker / Investor - Brand Identity Design - Creative Stationery
Brandon Middleton is a compassionate real estate investor who approaches his business with a unique mindset. He is dedicated to finding win/win solutions for homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly due to special circumstances. Unlike other real estate investors in his field, Brandon doesn't believe in taking advantage of homeowners. Instead, he is committed to using his creativity to create deals that benefit everyone involved. With Brandon, you can rest assured that your needs and interests will be taken into account.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a phone and coffee mug
Terry Brock Speaker / Coach / Author Brand Identity Design, Stationery, Marketing Material Design
Terry Brock is an internationally recognized Hall of Fame speaker, marketing coach, and published author. He's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He's always smiling. The logo branding for Terry Brock should reflect his energetic and charismatic personality while maintaining a sense of class and respect. A bold and unique design that highlights his years of experience as an award-winning hall of fame speaker would be ideal. Terry Brock is a leading expert in technology as it applies to marketing and growing a business' revenues. Colors that convey energy and vibrancy can also be used to make the design stand out and reflect his personality.
several different business cards and stationery designs
Margaret Harrington Brand Identity Design - Brand Identity Design- Personal Branding - Creative
Margaret Harrington works tirelessly to bring a combination of empathy, kindness, and experience to the real estate industry. With a keen eye for detail and a strong dedication to her clients, Margaret is committed to helping them find the home of their dreams. She is a luxury real estate agent with Douglas Elliman, and her branding reflects her commitment to excellence and her love for the finer things in life. Margaret's goal is to make the process of buying or selling a home as smooth and stress-free as possible, so that the last memory you have of your home is a positive one.
an assortment of business cards and stationery items on a blue background with white accents
Board Wealth Solutions - Branding Design - Complete brand identity design - Personal Branding Expert
Boardwalk Wealth Solutions is a financial planning company that helps individuals achieve their life goals through a comprehensive approach. With expertise in investments, income management, insurance, taxes, and estate planning, they offer tailored solutions. Their 4-step process ensures thorough planning and adaptability to changing priorities. Guided by personalized service, Boardwalk empowers clients on their financial journey towards long-term prosperity
an image of the word portfolio in black and pink on a white background
Portfolio - Brand Identity Design - 2023
a coffee bag with the words whatever cafe on it and an image of a cup
Whatever Café Brand Identity Design @bhattifaizan @designerfaizan