Dasterian Burrows (Daz)

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a shirtless young man with red eyeliners on his face and chest standing in front of a white fence
Male Model Madness
Zhao Lei
a person's hand on the keys of a piano
350+ Piano Pictures | Download Free Images & Stock Photos on Unsplash
a young man wearing a sweater in front of trees and leaves with an arabic quote on it
Fall guy: men's autumn jackets and jumpers – in pictures
Grey zigzag jumper, Zara.
Higgs' eyes Blue Eyes, Light Eyes, Blue Eye Color, Eye Drops, Contact Lenses Colored, Whitening, Light, Light Blue, Color Change
Light Blue (Eyedrops)
Higgs' eyes
a young man with dark hair wearing a turtle neck sweater and looking off into the distance
Fall guy: men's autumn jackets and jumpers – in pictures
Fall guy: men's autumn jackets and jumpers – in pictures | Fashion | The Guardian
a snow covered mountain with trees in the foreground
Ama Dablam
Ama Dablam mountain, in Nepal Himalayas
an alleyway with potted plants and street lights on either side, in the evening
Narrow street, Dubrovnik by Karl P. Laulo | My Photo
Narrow street, Dubrovnik by Karl P. Laulo
an aerial view of a mountain range with a river running through it
The dark side of the mountain
the mountains are covered in snow and surrounded by trees, with sunlight streaming through them
15 Mountain Towns in Europe You Should Visit
a mountain is seen through the branches of a pine tree in front of a lake
Summer dreaming | Mountain views | Summer holiday
two people are walking down an alleyway in the old city with stone buildings and arched doorways
kathifee-world: “ dopediamond: “Dope…Pasajes del Barri Gotic, Barcelona - Spain ” ”
the sun is setting over the ocean with rocks in the foreground and dark clouds above
Twilight World
a deer standing in the middle of a snow covered field under a moonlit sky
janet morrissette on X
I thought this photo was so pretty! I wanted to share
Andreas Botsaris Blog: IN MOONLIGHT !
the light shines through the dark clouds
the afterlife
the afterlife — quimmit: Top is from imagination, the other...