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the cover of bio - intelligent engineering
Bio-Intelligent Engineering
For the past decade, Biotonomy has developed an innovative design & engineering concept based on the intelligence of Nature. This concept consists of practical Nature-based Solutions that are replicable all over the World and goes beyond the problem.
the front cover of conscious way of living your life, with an image of a house in
Conscious Living
Conscious living is about understanding the interconnected nature of all things and acting with greater clarity. The profoundness of your perception is what brings clarity to every aspect of your life. Living in a home that is harmonious with nature will naturally enhance your perception and, ultimately, your quality of life.
a green square with the words living for others is a rules of nature
Living for others is a rule of Nature. #biotonomy #nature #life #quote
this is an artist's rendering of a house in the woods with ducks and flowers
Nature Based Architecture
"For humanity to live in true harmony with the natural world - We must first learn to think like nature, design like nature, and build like nature because that is what we are" / Biotonomy. #Biotonomy #naturebasedsolutions #Bioarchitecture
a man standing next to a building under construction
Nature-based Architecture
When you start exploring the meaning of living in unity with everything around you, you will naturally start experiencing life consciously. Conscious living is simply about understanding the interconnected nature of all things and acting with greater clarity. Join us & learn how a Nature-based lifestyle can elevate the quality of your life
an architectural drawing of the front and side of a building
Model 929 - Autonomous Home
Autonomous buildings are becoming a growing trend around the world. However developing autonomous buildings with a conventional approach (purely technical & mechanical solutions) becomes extremely complex, expensive, and not always environmentally friendly. Autonomous buildings with nature-based solutions, on the other hand, are low-tech, affordable, and designed to enhance the wellbeing of the natural world.
an aerial view of a building surrounded by trees
The future of humanity very much depends on our planet, and the future of the planet very much depends on humanity. To meet the challenges of our times, we humans will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for oneself, one's own family, or one's nation, but for the benefit of all life on earth. Universal responsibility is fundamental for world peace and human survival.
an image of a building with the words biotomy above it and below it
Autonomous Buildings with Nature-based solutions
If our ecosystems do not have rights, having a peaceful world is just a pipe dream. To this day there still isn’t an effective legal system in place that prevents individuals, companies, or governments from damaging the earth and its ecosystems. A crucial part of the fight against climate change & biodiversity loss is for #ecocide to be recognized as an international crime against peace.
an indoor hot tub in the middle of a room with stone walls and flooring
Holistic Design
Meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand #architects & designers to start practicing holistic approaches with #naturebasedsolutions. Designing buildings with holistic solutions means that the forms, materials & systems in a building are all designed to cooperate as one living organism and not as separated entities.
an image of a window with geometric designs on it and the words, astronomy above it
Nature-based design
We humans have a relationship with nature at a cellular level which is experienced vibrationally. When patterns of nature are incorporated into our architecture, a vibrational exchange takes place between the building and its occupants in a way that is similar to the connection we have with nature, and which leads to a sense of well being.
an image of a building with solar panels on it
Autonomous Buildings with Nature-based solutions
"If we can look too and learn from the wisdom of nature, we can find all kinds of solutions that we never before imagined possible. By implementing nature-based solutions rather than purely mechanical & technical solutions we can develop buildings & cities to become a force for restoring air, water, and soil instead of degrading it"
two men are working on the interior of a house under construction, while another man stands in the background
Autonomous Ecohome
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new / Socrates
a stone building with two arched windows and stairs leading up to the second floor that has red flowers in front of it
Autonomous Eco Home
Nature is our strongest ally against climate change. After about 3.8 billion years of research and development, nature has developed some of the most profound solutions for sustaining life on earth. Nature-based Solutions has proven to be more effective & cost-efficient in the long term than purely technical & mechanical approaches. Find out how we are transforming the future of Architecture by innovating with Nature
the inside of a house with windows and plants growing in it, along with instructions on how to grow your own food
Autonomous Eco Home
5 fundamental ways to take control of your own future.
an aerial view of a building with the words autonous building above it and below it
Autonomous Eco-Building
A self-operating environment designed to sustain and enhance ecological & human wellbeing - without infrastructure & fossil fuel