Mythical creatures

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an image of different types of wings in various positions and sizes, all showing their colors
By YIN ZHE on artstation - iFunny
the silhouettes of people and animals are shown in this chart, which shows how each animal
Abigail Hilton
an image of a poster with different colors and font on it's side, including the words dragon
[NO SPOILERS] Minimalist Threat Level Chart
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur with muscles highlighted
Angry Beast, Alan Quiroz
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and their names in each section
Illumyi Dragon Types prt 2 by IgniteTheBlaize on DeviantArt
an info sheet with different types of animals
Zalost Reference Sheet by Art-Zealot on DeviantArt
an illustrated guide to the different types of animals and how they are used in animation
Armanda species concept [outdated] by AniutqaART on DeviantArt
the giant beaver is depicted in an old style poster, with instructions on how to use it
Natural History Museum Signage | Part II