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Beautiful watercolor illustrations of flowers, animals, patterns and palettes.
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someone is painting flowers with watercolor on paper and the words, how to watercolor hibiscus flowers
How to Watercolor Hibiscus Flowers — Blushed Design
These realistic pale blue watercolor hibiscus flowers and leaves are a slight continuation of our realistic bumble bee tutorial—except without an actual bumble bee being created! In this video tutorial, I will teach you how to watercolor hibiscus flowers—I"m sure you'll enjoy the process as much as I did! #watercolortutorial #watercolortechniques #watercolorflowers #howtopaint
a person is holding a pencil and drawing a house with watercolors on paper
Greencrest Manor Wedding Venue Illustration
A watercolor wedding venue illustration is the perfect way to highlight a beautiful wedding location. Ome of the hottest wedding trends for 2020/2021, an illustrated wedding venue is a beautiful addition to your wedding stationery. This illustration of the Greencrest Manor in Battle Creek was featured on envelope liners, stationery and a welcome sign #weddingvenue #greencrestmanor #weddingtrends2021 #weddingstationery
the snowdrop wreath with red ribbon is shown in this watercolor painting by artist, elizabeth
Watercolor Snowdrop Illustration
A creative spin on snowdrop flowers! An organic and asymmetrical wreath of snowdrop flowers for a delicate and playful illustration. Floral Drawing by Katrina Crouch of Blushed Design #flowerdrawing #watercolorwreath #snowdrops #snowdropflowers
someone holding a paintbrush and painting landscape with the words watercolor landscape on it
Watercolor Landscape Painting Tutorial — Katrina Crouch
Fall in love with watercolor landscapes with this easy beginner watercolor tutorial. Quickly master watercolor tips and tricks to take your paintings from beginner to advanced quickly. Begin creating your beginner watercolor landscapes today with this video tutorial. Blushed Design #watercolortips #watercolortechniques #easywatercolor #watercolorlandscapes
a watercolor poppy painting with the title video
Loose Watercolor Poppy Tutorial
Follow this tutorial to easily learn to paint loose watercolor flowers — specifically: watercolor poppies! Follow along with this loose watercolor poppy tutorial in order to create your own abstract watercolor flowers #loosewatercolorflowers #watercolortechniques
a watercolor painting of blueberries on a white background with the words watercolor blueberry tutor written below
Realistic Watercolor Blueberry Painting for Beginners — Katrina Crouch
I’m excited to dive into part 2 of this blueberry tutorial where we’ll add the watercolor to the realistic blueberry drawing that we created together in the last video. In this easy, step by step tutorial you’ll learn how to watercolor blueberries in an easy but realistic way. #howtowatercolor #watercolortutorial #watercolortechniques
someone is painting a flower with watercolors on paper
Watercolor Flower
watercolor landscape painting with brush and paper
Beginner Watercolor Landscape Tutorial — Katrina Crouch | Blushed Design
Master the art of watercolor with this beginner watercolor landscape painting tutorial. This step by step tutorial will take you through the process of painting this beautiful watercolor landscape, equipping you with all of the watercolor tips and techniques that you need. #watercolorlandscape #watercolortutorial #stepbystep
a card with flowers and a bee on it next to paintbrushes, watercolor pencils and paper towels
Blue Watercolor Hibiscus Art Print — Blushed Design
Fill your home with flowers that won’t fade. In this print, delicate blue watercolor hibiscus flowers dance in a gentle curve up the side of your paper, sheltering and providing a resting spot for our little bumble bee! Print from the original watercolor painting by Katrina Crouch of Blushed Design, 2020. #fineartprint #watercolorart #bluehibiscus #watercolorflowers
a pink flower with green leaves on a white background
Pink Watercolor Lilies Art Print by katrinacrouch
Buy Pink Watercolor Lilies Art Print by Blushed Design. Worldwide shipping available at Society6.com. Just one of millions of high quality products available.
someone is drawing mushrooms on paper with watercolor pencils and crayon pens
Watercolor Mushroom Painting Tutorial
Learn how to paint mushrooms in watercolor through this step-by-step tutorial of red topped Amanita muscaria mushrooms! In this beginner watercolor tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to create realistic watercolor mushrooms. #watercolor #videotutorial #howtopaint #mushrooms