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a window with the words am i out of my head? and an image of a city in the background
Give my regards to New York
♥ new york
there are lights strung from the wires in front of tall buildings
Mount Olympus
people are sitting at tables in front of buildings
5 Favorite Lunch Spots of Tribeca
NYC# love this little pink house, can't quite read the name of the store, but it looks like 'Tiny's'-very appropriate!
an aerial view of a city with boats in the water and tall buildings on both sides
These Stunning Aerial Photographs Will Leave You Breathless
the view from inside a window looking at skyscrapers
an empty city street with cars and buildings in the background at night, as seen from across the street
City Life
people are walking in the snow on a city street with traffic lights and buildings covered in snow
West 48th Street, Manhattan, NY
West 48th Street, Manhattan, NY
an airplane is flying over the city in the air with it's landing gear down
Beyond The Yellow Brick Road
people crossing the street with umbrellas on a rainy day
the view from inside a window looking at skyscrapers
an empty street under a bridge with cars driving underneath it and signs on the sides
West 125th Street 12th Ave, #NYC
an advertisement for shutter speed with pictures and text on the back side, including images of people
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Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet
a train traveling down tracks next to a tall building with a dome in the background
Williamsburg Bridge, New York City, by Fred Hat.