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the stairs are lined with pictures and framed photographs on white wall paneling, along with wooden handrails
pärlspont – yllenystanet
an open drawer under the stairs in a house with white walls and wood flooring
75 Traditional Staircase Ideas You'll Love - August, 2023
an open closet with shoes and handbags in the bottom shelf, under stairs leading to another room
Checkout These Understairs Creative And Practical Space Ideas
a room with white walls and wood floors, a bench under the stairs has a basket on it
17 Unique Under the Stairs Storage & Design Ideas | Extra Space Storage
an open door leading into a room with plants
En dröm för alla som älskar sekelskifte – vem vill inte ha en glasveranda!
an old fashioned lamp on the stairs next to a candle holder and other decor items
I Lilla Kamomillas Villa