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a kitchen with green cabinets and stainless steel dishwasher in the center, on top of a wooden floor
37 ideas para aprovechar el espacio en una cocina pequeña
Paredes bien aprovechadas
an image of a kitchen setting with sink and cabinets
HELD MÖBEL Küchenzeile Stockholm, Breite 300 cm, mit hochwertigen MDF Fronten im Landhaus-Stil, Hochwertige MDF-Fronten mit aufwendiger Fräsung im Landhausstil
an open door leading to a kitchen with white appliances and wood flooring in it
Independent Series 4800DL Tiny Home
The Lumber Loft: a cabin-style tiny house on wheels, designed for glamping!
an open drawer with utensils in it
Martha Stewart Living - Kitchen - The Home Depot
Kitchen Storage Tip: Store your utensils diagonally instead of flat in vertical or horizontal slots. A diagonal insert makes a smarter, more efficient use of drawer space. Shop the #MarthaStewartLiving collection at The Home Depot for space-saving solutions to help make the busiest room the most efficient one.
a small kitchen with a sink, stove and refrigerator
Minikök. Cuisine K1.
Cuisine K1 från Kitchoo är onekligen en smart lösning på minikök när man har ont om plats. En bra fläkt på detta så känns det som att man kan placera Cuisine K1 i stort sett var som helst. I det här fallet har man löst det med en kombinerad lampa och fläkt.
a small kitchen with stainless steel appliances and black counter tops, in an attic space
No matter how awkward or unusual a space is you would be surprised how a kitchen can be made to work. Here a London hotel has a kitchen area for guests.
an open dishwasher in a kitchen with white cabinets and black counter top area
Everything you need for the office kitchen and this kitchen is actually in a hallway! It all gets hidden behind some lovely doors.
a kitchen with an oven, sink and ladder to the ceiling in front of it
Mini Kitchens for Tiny Houses
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and black counter top next to a wine glass on the sink
Designer Range | John Strand MK
a small kitchen with an oven, sink and refrigerator freezer combo in it's center
Electrolux Trinette 2010
Electrolux Trinette 2010 - Bild 6
a small kitchen with black and white appliances
Electrolux Trinette 2010
Electrolux Trinette 2010 - Bild 4