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a neon skull phone case is shown with the light on it's back side
the interior of a fast food restaurant with neon lights on the ceiling and checkered flooring
Sleazeburger in Paradise
Sleazeburger in Paradise
a laundry room filled with washers and dryers next to a neon lit sign
Retro waves
Retro waves
a wooden box filled with lots of different types of toys and confection items
Eraser collection circa 1980s. Ok this is pretty sad to admit. Mine wasn't this spectacular and didn't include a certain green leaf (bottom right) but did include a maccas happy meal eraser set lol.
a man standing on top of an escalator in a building with lots of windows
a plant with green leaves in front of a neon sign
Sleazeburger in Paradise
a red rose with green leaves on it is lit up in the dark and has neon lights
a painting of a road surrounded by plants and trees
two people are sitting on a bed surrounded by clutter
STEFAN EXLER. ohne titel/untitled1994-2
an old television with fish in it sitting on a desk
there are bananas and other fruit in the store display case at this time, it's colorful
an oil painting of waves crashing on the shore at sunset, with pink clouds in the background
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two screens showing dolphins and corals in the ocean
【FEATURE】NU AGEは新時代のニューエイジ~Vaporwaveで溺れた話 : キープ・クール・フール