Embroidery and Weaving

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I was intrigued to try this Diamond stitch that is used in embroidery. I really like the end result!
This embroidery technique is great to add something different to your weaving. You can vary the amount of rows or warp threads to make it suit your piece. Enjoy!


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the embroidery is being worked on by someone who has done something with them and it looks like they're doing something right now
Create Beautiful Cactus Embroidery Art
Explore the art of cactus embroidery with this vibrant and detailed piece. Perfect for adding a touch of nature to your decor or as a unique handmade gift.
a close up of a piece of cloth with embroidered flowers and leaves on the fabric
Embroidery on pinafore by Le Bouton Atelier
Embroidyred mushroom on #pinafore #мухомор #вышивка #вышивкагладью #embroideryartist #embroidery
two pictures showing how to use the cross stitch technique on an embroidered piece of cloth
MooshieStitch Monday: Kamal Kadai Stitch Flower - Another Version
feeling stitchy: MooshieStitch Monday: Kamal Kadai Stitch Flower