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a homemade car made out of wheels on a wooden floor with tools attached to it
A Land Rover for Charlie, project to build a unique pedal car
a small child in a toy car on the street with grass behind it and an empty wheelbarrow
Rod for grandson Axel
the handlebars on this motorcycle are made out of metal and have no holes in them
Chapter 9: Don’t be so cranky.
the parts needed to make a motorcycle frame
Carrinhos a motor e pedal de bombonas plásticas recicladas
an old blue truck with some wheels attached to it's front bumper and tire
the rear end of a vehicle with wheels attached to it
a red and black tool is sitting on some wood
Oh No Not Another Flippin' Soapbox
a small wooden cart with wheels attached to it's sides and the front wheel on one side
Steering Column in Place
the interior of a toy car with steering wheel
1955 pedal car classic antique toy reproduction
an old blue car is sitting in the dirt with it's front wheel missing
an old toy car with red wheels on a white sheet
Voitures à pédales - Pedal's car
a red scooter sitting on top of a carpet covered floor
the wheel is attached to the red trailer