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an ornament is being made with glitter and beads
Polka Dot Glittered Ornaments DIY
This is a super easy way to add sparkle to your tree. Try out our polka dot glittered Christmas ornaments DIY! See more party ideas and home decor ideas at
a christmas tree made out of driftwood is displayed on a white wall next to a starfish
Lovely neutral coloured tree
a christmas tree ornament made out of yarn
15 Unique Christmas Decorations to WOW Your Family and Friends
instead of using felt, use green kitchen scrubbies, cut in different lengths and use it to decorate your kitchen sink
a christmas wreath with the word welcome hanging on it
Ghirlanda di Natale
Ma è solo una mia impressione o queste prime settimane di dicembre sono **volate via** alla velocità della luce? o_o Noi ancora non ab...
a white snowman with a black top hat and button eyes on it's head
Yarn pompoms: 5 awesome projects!
We know how much you loved our Yummy Pom pom rug project! Pom-poms are so much fun that we want to blog about 5 more awesome projects for you to make with 'em! Without further ado, 1. Pom pom flowe...
a christmas wreath ornament hanging from a red ribbon on a white wall with colorful decorations
Home Improvement and Remodeling - This Old House
This adorable decorative wreath ornament is made using old wool sweaters cut into squares, threaded through a wire hanger and topped with a bow. Or you can buy them for under $8.00 from Alicia Todd at |
a person holding a small white snowman in their hands with a red scarf around it's neck
Pom-Pom Snowman
How to make a Pom-Pom Snowman! This is a great idea for a Christmas tree ornament. You'll need pom-poms, yarn, thread, felt and ribbon.
steps to make a fake christmas tree
pom pom trees
a red and white christmas ornament hanging from a pine tree in the shape of a santa's hat
Advent Calendar Project – Week 9
Advent Calendar Project - Week 9