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a living room with blue walls and guitars on the wall
an image of a room that has some sound waves coming out of the door and on the wall
acustica home studio
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the floor plan for an office building
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several different types of wooden screens with numbers and bars in each section, including the number of
3D acoustic wall panel wooden sound diffuser of theater
several pieces of wood stacked on top of each other
Do-it-Yourself Acoustical Treatments: How to Build a Diffuser
How to Build a Diffuser: A diffuser is a great way to control reflections in a room and make your room sound flatter. If your room is on the “dead” side, diffusers may be more suitable than adding absorptive sound control. Diffusers are often placed on the back wall behind the engineer’s head. They can also be placed in the studio to help tighten up a room, reduce flutter echo, and control reflections. Here’s a good way to make a diffuser using a proven formula.
there is a desk with many electronic equipment on it
The DIY Dream Audio Production and Recording Studio
The DIY Dream Audio Production and Recording Studio
there is a keyboard and two monitors on the desk
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a recording studio is lit up with purple lighting
an image of a wooden table and bench with measurements for the top part of it
DIY Studio Desk/Keyboard Workstation under $100
the floor plan for an office building
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a drawing of a desk with two drawers
Sound Construction & Supply
SCS Keyboard Desks 88 Key
an office with blue lighting and desks in the center, along with two computer monitors
Acoustic Treatment
Paul Epworth's The Church Studios London UK Renovated Recording Studio designed @wsdgacoustics & installed @milocostudios RPG products used: RPG BAD Expo & Spigo acoustic wood panels all in white. Photo By: @adamcoupe #acoustic #rpg #bad @spigogroup
a home recording studio with sound equipment and plants in the foreground, on top of a hard wood floor