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four dogs wrapped in blankets sitting on top of a bed with the caption'a kennel in dublin put on a nativity play and i think it's the best thing 2012 has produced yet i mean would you just look at baby jesus
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a black and yellow bee sitting on top of a pink object with the caption if your having a hard time right now here is a picture of my cat in a bee costume, it never falls to make me laugh
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a cat sitting on top of a table next to another cat in front of it
a cat that is sitting on a desk next to a laptop and some books with the caption, i made my cat a work from home setup
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a black and white cat wearing glasses sitting on top of a table with the caption'this is trufles she works at a children's optomenistist to help them tell them about wearing glasses
Black witch cat kitten kitty cat magic animals pet aesthetic
a black and white cat sitting on top of a bed
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a dog laying under a table next to a stuffed animal toy with the caption'this is the only toy he won't rip to sheets he just tenderly carries it around with him
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two men dressed in monk robes and one holding a dog, both with their arms around each other
a dog dressed up in a ghost costume
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