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an assortment of clothing on display in glass cases
I kinda wish all my clothes were mounted this way and every morning i could walk infront of the frames and look in the mirror....ha! would take up more closet space
the front cover of la panera magazine with two mannequins in red
Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion at the Barbican | Dezeen
Future Beauty at the Barbican
an empty room with white walls and black drapes on the wall in front of it
Trajectories exhibition Dutch Design Week 2015
Trajectories exhibition Dutch Design Week 2015
the steps to make an origami flower with scissors and paper flowers are shown
blaadjes vouwen met uitleg erbij. Foto geplaatst door Susanneha op Welke.nl
1.fold paper in half & draw diagonal 2. cut along diagonal...use 2 loose triangles to twist into vine 3. open symmetrical triangle and fold 4. leave if folded, twist paper vine or pipecleaner into middle 5. open and tape
the interior of a modern restaurant with yellow and red chairs, wood partitions, and wooden tables
Buzzispace - Buzzifalls #ISYatNeoCon #NeoCon15
a room filled with lots of different types of shelves and tables on top of carpeted floors
Miru Design
a room with white walls and wooden flooring that has pictures hanging on the wall
Pop-up store Design Incubator, bureau sacha von der potter, 2013, exhibition design
many different colored boxes are stacked on top of each other in the same pattern and shape
ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10... - a grouped images picture
ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10 - created via http://pinthemall.net
an abstract photo of many different colored lines
apostrophy's: liquid exhibition
apostrophy's: liquid exhibition
two people are standing in front of several illuminated cubes with pictures on them,
Biennial Children's Illustration for Children Designed by Pedro Cabrito and Isabel Diniz - I Like Architecture
Joao Morgado photography: Ilustrarte 2014 exhibition by Pedro Cabrito + Isabel Diniz
two people are standing in front of some white sculptures that look like trees and branches
Department of Design (Polytechnic of Turin) pavilion designed for the 2012 MADE Expo exhibition held in Milan October 2012
an old fashioned tricycle parked next to a wall with eyeglasses on it
States of Matter: Rivet & Sway Pop-up Shop
an overhead view of people sitting at desks in a room with multiple tables and chairs
abeo design llc
HIVE can be arranged in many configurations based on individual work style and team environment (photo: r.muller)
the inside of a building with benches and tables in front of it that are made out of wood
Urban Larder by Sarah K at designEX.