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an image of a cartoon character with eyes
the letter u is made up of two eyes
the letter u is made up of two eyes
Alphabet Lore U
a green cartoon character with glasses on his face and mouth, sitting in front of a white background
Alphabet Lore L
the letter m with eyes drawn on it's forehead and nose, in red
the letter f is for monster with teeth on it's uppercase and lowercase
Alphabet Lore E
the letter n is made up of two fingers
the letters are made up of different types of cartoon characters and font that says alphabet lore
Unofficial Alphabet Lore Wiki
Gems | Unofficial Alphabet Lore Wiki | Fandom
the letter s is for snake
the letter i is made up of black and white squares, with an emoticive face
a black and white logo with the letter f
an angry looking green object with two eyes
the letter r with an angry face on it's upper part and lower part
the numbers are made up of different colors and shapes, including one that has eyes
Number Lore free coloring pages - Busy Shark