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a colorful drink sitting on top of a bar
Tipsy Mermaid
Gather your friends and toast to good times with a Tipsy Mermaid cocktail! This delightful mix includes Midori, white rum, and pineapple juice, with a splash of blue curacao for a stunning layered look. #tipsymermaidcocktail
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Blue Hawaiian
The Blue Hawaiian is as blue as Hawaii’s Pacific Ocean thanks to blue curacao. This Hawaiian-born recipe honors Hawaii’s famous tropical bounty, blending rum and vodka with pineapple juice. The sweet and sour mix adds a powerful flavor explosion that hides the alcoholic bite of white rum and vodka. Don’t forget the tropical umbrella garnish! #BlueHawaiianCocktail
a blue drink with an orange slice in the top and text that reads, blue interno
Blue Inferno
This cocktail combines the warm, spicy flavor of the whisky with the tropical and fruity notes from the pineapple juice and coconut rum, while the blue curaçao ensures it maintains a brilliant blue color. It’s a fun, eye-catching drink, perfect for parties or special occasions! #blueinferno via @mybartender
two glasses filled with blue liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Ocean Mermaid Shot - The Keeper of the Cheerios