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several pictures of the steps made out of rocks and steel wire mesh, along with some trees in the background
UK's largest range of gabion baskets
low gabion retaining wall construction, 600mm tall gabions http://www.gabion1.co.uk
a small patio with gravel and plants on the ground, next to a door that leads to an outside shower area
Our cynder block bench. Added IKEA patio flooring and a couple of succulents for ambiance.
several umbrellas and chairs are reflected in the water on a sunny day with pink flowers
DIY Planters
DIY Planters diy crafts diy decor diy home decor easy diy diy planter
the steps are made out of cinder blocks and have been placed on top of each other
Make This Inexpensive And Modern Outdoor DIY Succulent Planter Using Cinder Blocks
Create your own inexpensive, modern and fully customizable DIY outdoor succulent planter using cinder blocks, landscaping fabric, cactus soil, and succulents
the fire pit is made out of logs
Lovely soft colors and details in your interiors. Latest Home Interior Trends.
a white washer sitting next to a dryer in a room
DIY Mini Barn Doors…a complete tutorial
So cool! Make these using inexpensive hardware - you won't believe what the gliders used to be!