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a wooden stand with a metal object on it's top and legs in the shape of an egg
Spoon Lamp by Clive Roddy
UK-based designer Clive Roddy designed this lamp with a lampshade made of spoons. Inspired by pinecones (clever!) when took a visit to Yosemite National Park, Roddy thought he’d try to translate it into a lamp with 115 stainless steel desert spoons.
a wooden shelf with plates on it
Loving this unique way to store dishes using a discarded pallet. From My Sweet Savannah
a chandelier with forks and spoons hanging from it's ceiling fixture
Custom Made to Order Silverware Chandelier Reserved for Victoria - Etsy
Sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had tall ceilings.... If I did. This would be bought pronto.
a bed made out of pallets in front of a brick wall with paintings on it
DIY Pallet furniture
LFC DESIGN BLOG: DIY Pallet furniture
a wooden shelf with wine glasses hanging from it's sides and cups on top
Pallet Kitchen Shelf • 1001 Pallets
DSCF3357 600x800 Pallet kitchen shelf in pallet kitchen diy pallet ideas with Shelves Pallets Kitchen DIY Pallet Ideas
a wooden shelf filled with lots of bottles and glasses next to potted plants on top of a table
Pallet: 10 modi per riciclare creativamente i bancali
Pallet: 10 modi per riciclare creativamente i bancali
the inside of a store with many items on display
O design e o reciclável -
several pictures of people preparing food in an outdoor kitchen and on the outside with wooden pallets
Elmo Vemijs, People’s Kitchen, Spare Space | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
Elmo Vemijs, People’s Kitchen, Spare Space
a kitchen with an island made out of wooden pallets
a kitchen with an island made out of pallet wood and stainless steel stove top
Paletina Kitchen by Anatomica Design
A kitchen made with #recycled pallets
several stacks of wooden crates stacked on top of each other
Stephan Malka: Ame-Lot
Stephane Malka, Ame-lot: progetto di ricerca per una residenza studentesca, 2011
a room with a ladder, bookshelf and other items on the shelves in it
Just another WordPress site – Just another WordPress site
old ladder for a bookshelf