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a black and white poster with the names of different types of items on it's side
999+ Village Names Ideas for Your Next Novel
the vintage boy names in blue and white with flowers on each side, against a blue background
Baby names unique, baby names, baby boy names, vintage baby names, retro baby boy names
the short and sweet girl names on a colorful watercolor background with flowers in it
Some girl names that are simple, cute, short, and sweet
the names of nature inspired boy names in white on a green background with pine trees
My favorite nature inspired boy names
Ideas to put on fantasy maps including banners, a compass, houses, mountains, caves, and more! Sketches, Croquis, Fantasy Books, Drawing Tips, Dnd, Fantasy, Drawing Challenge, Fanfiction, Kata-kata
Fantasy Map Ideas - Click to view on Ko-fi
If you need some ideas to put into your fantasy maps then here are some to get you started!! If you would like to use these stamps, you can purchase my whole set of 130+ map brushes for Procreate in my Ko-fi Shop ~ ko-fi.com/s/fbdd8e832c
an old money names poster with white doves on purple background and text that reads,'old money names '
85+ Rich Girl Names That Are Totally Old Money
The *prettiest* old money names for girls that are totally dreamy and sweet. (These pretty names definitely give 'rich girl names' vibes!)
the dark academy girl names are shown in black and white, with flowers on them
Members Of This Online Community Are Debunking Cooking “Hacks”, Here Are 30 Of The Worst Ones
Printable lists of Unique and Rare Last Names Zitate, Mystical Names, Aesthetic Names
Printable lists of Unique and Rare Last Names
Printable Lists of Unique and Rare Last Names offer a treasure trove of uncommon surnames for your next character, story, or even yourself (if name change is on the horizon!). Discover names rich in history and intrigue, from all corners of the world. Find the perfect one to spark your imagination and add a touch of distinction. #uniquelastname #characternames #writinginspiration #rarenames # genealogy
the words are written in black and white on a green watercolored paper background