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a decorative pillow with the word give on it
a pillow that has been made with patchwork and some words on the front, sitting on a bed
Valentine's Quilted Pillow
Valentine's Quilted Pillow - A Quilting Life
a patchwork pillow on a wooden bench with a tag hanging from it's side
two decorative pillows on a couch with the words give thanks to the lord printed on them
I made two different Thanksgiving pillows using the Merry and Bright Pattern by @amysinibaldi. (One for a sweet friend and one for me).… | Instagram
a decorative pillow with the letter k on it
personalized pillow 003
personalized pillow 003 by meringuedesigns, via Flickr
two decorative pillows sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other with the letter m and number 3
Ta Dah!: Kids’ patchwork pillows
Kids' patchwork pillows
a colorful pillow with the word jelyla on it sitting on a couch in front of a blue sofa
PJ Name Pillows
a pillow that has been made to look like a patchwork mermaid quilt on it
How to Make a Simple Patchwork Pillow using the Quilt As You Go Method
a blue pillow with the word sleep on it sitting on top of a quilted bed
Sleep; Patchwork Quilted Pillow Pattern | Polka Dot Chair
a pillow that has the letter j on it and is sitting on a wooden chair
Wedding Gift Pillow