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a stone path in the middle of a garden
an outdoor garden with rocks and plants
2,528 gilla-markeringar, 366 kommentarer - Jessica Hedin 🌿 Ängadalen (@angadalen) på Instagram: "~Köksträdgården~ Fick lust att summera vad vi gjort i vår och sommar och här kommer ett gäng före…"
a red house with a green roof and white windows is surrounded by greenery, rocks and trees
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and flowers in front of a red house on the grass
Vackra faluröda snickerier i trädgården
Vackra faluröda snickerier i trädgården |
a small white house sitting on top of a lush green field
bricks laid out on the ground to make a walkway
DIY Brick Patio
a green metal shed sitting on top of a grass covered field
there is a garden with many flowers in the planter boxes and an orange house behind it
Inspireras av grannen | Elin Lannsjö
a tree with white flowers is next to a red fence and house in the background
Doftschersmin, Philadelphus coronarius