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a poster with the words'critical thinking questions for kids'in black and white
101 Critical Thinking Questions For Kids (Challenge Them To Think!)
Critical thinking questions for kids are a great way to get them to use their minds and think inquisitively about a variety of topics. These thinking questions for kids are ideal if you want to challenge your kids to think about the world around them. We’ve included some serious questions to get kids thinking, on topics such as society and fairness, while there are plenty of fun topics too, like superheroes that will engage your kids.
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the five ted talks everyone should watch in their own words and numbers, with text below
Lemon8 · "5 TED Talks everyone should watch" · @ChamiaTiarra
"5 TED Talks everyone should watch" | Gallery posted by ChamiaTiarra | Lemon8
a woman standing with her arms crossed and the words every woman should read