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an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by tall trees and bushes with two lawn chairs in front of it
Cloaked in rich tones, a classical masterpiece adorns the serene shores of Lake Como. 🌊 • Designed by; @aiforarchitects Follow us… | Instagram
an outdoor pool with lawn chairs and umbrellas
a large white house sitting next to a pool in front of a lush green field
Home Sweet Home - J.R. McCabe | Meaningful Moments Every Day
a large white house with lots of windows
Post War Home Renovation, Outdoor Seating Area at Geebungalow, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Surrounding olive trees, with a Mediterranean feel. Outdoor Spaces, Home, Outdoor Design, Outdoor Space, Outdoor Area, Outdoor Areas
GO x Geebungalow Article - Post War Home Renovation
So, we have a confession - The GO team's guilty pleasure is a transformational reno. After years of admiring the work that has gone into Geebungalow's renovation, the GO team were keen to help the pair achieve a flawless finish for their fence - in just 4 hours. Click the image to read how we used airless spraying to achieve this!
an outdoor area with a pool, patio and water feature in the foregrounds
Adding a Touch More Luxury to Your Pool Area
pool area
an outdoor patio with tables and chairs, that has a straw umbrella over the table
Better Blogging Nouw
an umbrella is open on the back deck with chairs and tables around it, while plants are in pots
Fyra årstider, mitt liv på landet - Bambumöbler och kaffe