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two people sitting at a table talking to each other with wine glasses in front of them
Nina Hemmingsson: | Hemmingsson | Kultur | Aftonbladet
a dog tag that has some words on it
Halsband med handstansad text på id-bricka av rostfritt stål med citat av Åsa Petersson
a dog tag with the words in russian on it
Produkten Alla popcorn poppar inte säljs av SMOLK -Handstamped jewelry with a twist i vår Tictail-butik. Tictail låter dig skapa en snygg nätbutik helt gratis -
two human heart and brain standing next to each other
Jag följer min inre röst
a comic strip with an image of two people talking to each other and the caption reads get up and create daring it's eight oclock
from the Moomins comic book
Blogg - Sofie Erika Moomin Little My, Ge Aldrig Upp, Little My Moomin, Moomin Valley, Scandinavia, Oeuvre D'art, Geek Stuff
Blogg - Sofie Erika
darth vader and other star wars characters with the caption that says, when everyone at work is in a bad mood except you
Welcome to talkDisney - talkDisney
a warning sign in front of some tall grass and bushes with trees in the background
Tvist på en gammal klassisk varningsskylt
En tvist på en gammal klassisk skylt vi tidigare sett här på roliga skyltar. Dock lite unik men som sagt en liten egen tvist som gör den ännu roligare! En varningsskylt som kanske passar på
a drawing of two people talking to each other
Nina Hemmingsson
a man with a goat on his back walking down the street in front of some people
#get #jävel #getjävel #bördor #livet #humor #mössa #keps #hatt #löjligt #ironi #kul #skoj #skämt #sk - villfarelser
#get #jävel #getjävel #bördor #livet #humor #mössa #keps #hatt #löjligt #ironi #kul #skoj #skämt #sk - villfarelser
two women talking to each other in front of a house with speech bubbles above them
NINA HEMMINGSSON: | Hemmingsson | Kultur | Aftonbladet