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I am here to help YOU. Let’s correct and help heal your abdominal separation. Share with a mom
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3 KEY EXERCISES🔥diastasis recti + c-section friendly
3 KEY EXERCISES🔥diastasis recti + c-section friendly Emily had two c-sections in less than 3 years. Our goal is to rebuild her core from the inside out. Ab exercises like crunches or sit ups don’t activate the deepest layer of core muscles. On top of that, they put extra pressure on the weak postpartum core muscles making a diastasis recti worse👎🏼 or contribute to prolapse/ pelvic floor dysfunction👎🏼 So what do we do?! Core rehab✨ The exercises Emily is... Read more Link in Below
Core Strengthening Exercises!
Core strengthening refers to exercises and techniques that target the muscles of the core-which includes the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, and muscles around the pelvis. A strong core is important for stability, balance, and proper posture. Here are some common core strengthening exercises:
loss your mommy pooch daily exercise for 20mints
Regular Exercise: Incorporate both cardiovascular exercise and strength training into your routine. Cardiovascular activities like walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming help burn calories, while strength training builds muscle mass and boosts metabolism.
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the 4 week workout schedule for beginners
4 Weeks Workout At Home For Women
Transform your body and energize your spirit with our comprehensive 4-week at-home workout plan designed exclusively for women! 🚺🏋️‍♀️ Each week brings a blend of strength training, cardio, flexibility, and rest to ensure a balanced approach to fitness. No fancy equipment needed – just your dedication and determination. Let's embark on this journey together and unleash your inner strength! 🔥💫 #WomenFitness #AtHomeWorkout #4WeeksChallenge #StrengthAndConfidence
Ab Blazing 2023 - The Hottest New AB Workouts For Home
Fire up those abs in 2023 and torch that belly fat with these blazing new ab workout routines you can do from the comfort of home. No equipment required for these intense at-home core workouts that will leave you six pack ready.
deep core exercises for a flat stomach🥰
deep core exercises for a flat stomach | deep core and pelvic floor workout to get that perfect flat tummy and the ultimate snatched waist |deep ab workout core exercises | workout for ower ab and pelvic workout | pelvic floor gym workout🤍