Cheer routine

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Here are some fun stunts from TL Cheer in Indiana!! Follow our Facebook and Instagram for more!
High school cheer stunt
Cheer Stunt Level 2
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Cheer jump drills
Tryout drills for cheer to improve jumps
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Inversion to heel stretch
a group of people standing on top of a basketball court
Braced Inversion Release
the girls are doing tricks on the blue mat in front of the camera and one girl is holding up her arms
IMG 1385
three young women are doing acrobatic tricks on the floor
Barrel Roll to Extended Flat Back
some people are doing tricks on the court with their hands in the air and one is upside down
YCADA Cheer - Glossary - Forward Suspended Roll
a group of cheerleaders huddle together in the middle of a gym floor
IMG 2273