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two glasses filled with chocolate pudding and whipped cream
Coffee Mousse
coffee mousse recipes.
two desserts in small glasses on a black plate with a wooden spoon next to them
Panna cotta au caramel beurre salé
an ice cream sundae with waffles on the side and a container in the background
Thermomix recepten: Mousse met Jules Destrooperwafeltjes
Mousse met Jules Destrooperwafeltjes
a piece of cake sitting on top of a plate covered in red sauce and white frosting
Petit beurre taart met vanille en framboos - Sofie Dumont
Petit beurre taart met vanille en framboos - Sofie Dumont
three desserts sitting on top of a table with spoons next to each other
Ricotta al caffè dessert - De Smaak van Italië
Ricotta al caffè recept
1h 10m
two desserts with strawberries in them on top of a blue and white towel
Witte Chocolademousse met Aardbeien recept - de Kokende Zussen
a flyer with three eggs in it and the words white chocopomuse
some crackers are sitting on a plate next to a cup of coffee and bowl of sauce
Koekjestaart - de enige échte - Zomaar lekker
a piece of cheesecake with jelly on top
Le flan coco, aussi appelé flan antillais - Mamie Simone
1h 5m