esculturas con diferentes materiales

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three different pictures of various objects in the shape of people and animals, one is made out of plastic bottles
Cet article n'est pas disponible - Etsy
Papier mâché sculpture poupées d'art Bandits art par RecycoolArt
a collage of different items made to look like monsters
childrens workshops 060
Recycled cereal boxes make a great canvas for so many masterpieces! #kidcrafts
three pictures of different sculptures on a table
Autumn Trees
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a man holding a vase with flowers in it next to some branches and masks on the wall
STASYS Retrospektywa - Photo-could be a very cool art project idea...hmmmmm.self-portrait/mask
an intricately designed tile with many different designs on it's sides and sides
Artwork published by Group1133
Zentangle Inspired Relief Sculpture - Conway High School Art Project
a blue and white sculpture sitting on top of a black table next to a wall
Abstract Sculpture
Abstract Sculpture inspired by jean Arp and Henry Moore
the instructions for how to make an abstract sculpture
Snibbles and Bits
Great use for old panty hose and an exciting new 3D surface for kids to paint on. Needs parental/teacher involvement, as if that's a bad thing! Click through for more ideas. snibblesandbits.b...
Wire and Panty Hose Sculptures! Wire Hanger Crafts, Hanger Crafts, 3d Sculpture
Dali's Moustache
Wire and Panty Hose Sculptures!