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oasis in a concrete jungle
a wooden bench sitting next to a tree in a room filled with glass walls and windows
Riverside concrete House.
a blue couch sitting on top of a white floor next to a tree and potted plant
The Value Of Building Materials In South-East Asia | Habitus Living
an empty courtyard is lit up by the light coming in from the building's windows
Gallery of Deqing Living House / Lacime Architects - 13
an empty courtyard with a tree in the center and stone flooring on both sides
a large vase sitting on top of a pool next to a lush green tree and shrubbery
House in New Delhi
SCDA - House in New Delhi
a small tree in the middle of a room with glass walls and concrete flooring
two black chairs sitting on top of a cement floor next to a tree and wall
two wooden stools sitting next to each other in front of a white wall and plant
Wooden lattices screen Casa Octavia by PPAA in Mexico City
a white room with plants and rocks on the floor in front of a wall that is lit up
a small tree sitting next to a wooden bench in front of a white stucco wall
Mint House / White on White Studio
The mint house project was a renovation of a typical house - without historical architectural value - for an average family in Kashan, with a very limited budget. The main client’s request for this renovation was moving the bathroom from the yard to the interior space, adding a bedroom if possible and complete removal of the elements of the old building, that had tired them over time.
an outdoor area with rocks and trees in the center, surrounded by wooden decking
井戸のある京町家 京町家リフォーム|アラキ工務店