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two men dressed in medieval costumes holding up a large piece of paper
a woman in a purple dress sitting on the steps next to a man dressed as dracula
Actually I think it's Arthur from Merlin. <-- I always thought that that actor would make THE BEST DAVE
Guy x Kakashi best friend
Guy x Kakashi best friend
two anime characters with caption that reads, then naruta story now and then
an image of a comic strip with two people doing different things and one is pointing at the
three t - shirts hanging on a clothes line with the word's logo printed on them
Alinghi Red Bull Racing
anime memes with caption that reads, focus your chakra on the feet an i doing this right akashi sensei?
Jesus was a ninja
four different pictures of cartoon characters in various poses
anime memes that are very funny
Shikamaru sure changed his mind after meeting Temari
an image of two people and a child with different expressions on their faces, one is holding
two people standing next to each other with their arms crossed