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an image of the wheel of time surrounded by other things
Pistis Sophia � ARCANA nr 20 �  Malm�logen
Pistis Sophia – ARCANA nr 20 – Malmölogen
© Daniel Martin Diaz
© Daniel Martin Diaz
an old book with a drawing of jesus in the center and other symbols surrounding it
Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz - Organic Geometry
a drawing of jesus holding his hand up in front of the sun with symbols around it
Daniel Martin Diaz
a drawing of jesus's face and the sacred symbols surrounding him
The Merging Art & Science Of Daniel Martin Diaz – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
The Merging Art & Science Of Daniel Martin Diaz
an image of a hand with flowers and birds on it's fingers in the middle
katie scott
Illustrations done in collaboration with Amsterdam Worldwide for Scalpel, a Pernod Ricard publication.
a diagram of the human body with all its main parts labeled in it, including words and numbers
The Great Chain in Various Wisdom Traditions
Introduction: From the Great Chain of Being to Postmodernism in Three Easy Steps in Excerpt G: Toward A Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies by Ken Wilber Graphic layout by Brad Reynolds Embracing Reality: The Integral Vision of Ken Wilber by Brad Reynolds
i have three eyes two to look one to see
und vier um das Leben pur zu spüren! und das vorher und nacher bequem mit der Lensbix
an illustration with the words abundance surrounded by different types of eggs and plants, including a dragonfly
Nature Is Just Good Common Sense - GirlieGirl Army
From Wendy Tremayne's book, The Good Life Lab. Illustration by Katie Scott, Abundance
an intricately decorated painting with hands and birds in the center, surrounded by other decorative elements
"The Art of Palmistry" Photographic Print for Sale by NadiaTurner
Buy 'The Art of Palmistry' by NadiaTurner as a Sticker, iPhone Case, iPhone Wallet, Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy, Art Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, Photographic Print, Metal Print, Greeting Card, Spiral Notebook, or Hardcover Journal
a drawing of jesus holding a baby in his arms with the words whom do you trust?
The Brutality of Truth with Daniel Martin Diaz / Style No Chaser
The Brutality of Truth with Daniel Martin Diaz / Style No Chaser
a drawing of a skeleton with wings on it's back and an image of a human head in the background
The Soul of Science | Haute Macabre
Combining traditional anatomical drawing and biological illustration with sacred geometry, chemistry, and mathematical principles, Tuscon artist Daniel Martinez Diaz creates precise, detailed work...
a drawing of a person's head with trees and sun above it
ghost in the machine